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Kyle Scatliffe—"Dissecting the Black Experience" (Episode 9)

“I’m not an American black person per say…my parents aren’t from here…and you end up having a different upbringing. I grew up in the suburbs…it’s a different experience than say someone who grew up in Detroit or Oakland. I feel like I am a part of [the American experience] but also looking [from outside of it] at it at the same time. I’ll do something like Color Purple which is innately the southern black experience [which I didn’t experience]. I can tell this story but am I going to understand this story as much as they do?”

We have a giant episode for a giant performer with giant talent! We talk with Olivier nominee Kyle Scatliffe about expanding the idea of who gets tell which stories, grappling with imposter syndrome, and busting the myth of the monolithic black experience.

Recommendation: Dope, Dear White People, 12 Years a Slave

Shout Outs: Colman Domingo and Condola Rashad

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