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Britton Smith - "Making Room for Presence, Vulnerability, and Liberation" (Episode 101)

"There has to be permission for Black men to be vulnerable. Vulnerability wasn't taught to me or to my brother or to my community. Strength and earning is prominent in the Black community and the Black gay community. To be vulnerable? I have to be in a place where I feel safe to be able to do that and be in community with people who can hold my vulnerability. I don't remember when it clicked for me, but now I believe that the Universe is safe, and so that I'm being vulnerable with that safety and knowing that it will honor and carry and support my vulnerability, even if I'm in a room that is not. The Universe is bigger than that room."

For season 5's penultimate episode, we talk with artivist Britton Smith, who you’ve seen on Broadway in Be More Chill, Shuffle Along, and After Midnight, about how he learned to embrace his authentic self, what he’s learned from his work with Broadway Advocacy Coalition, and why he started his funk liberation band, Britton & The Sting.

Recommendation: In The Heights, Oprah's podcast, Isabel Wilkerson's Caste

Shout out: Leslie Odom Jr. and Adrienne Warren

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