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"Claiming Artistic Freedom" - 5 Artist-Creators Share Their Definitions (Episode 102)

For the season five finale of call and response, we celebrate FREEDOM. In a time where fear and scarcity feel wide-spread, how can we claim freedom, abundance, and liberation for ourselves? We talk with five artists-creators about what artistic freedom means to them.

"I think of integrity for your creative spirit." - Ja'Michael De'Shawn

"The opportunity to play, fail, experiment, try, and learn on my feet." - Miranda Haymon

"I have the full capability to be my most authentic and unapologetic self." - Tayler Harris

"A liberation from any and every thing that might seek to inhibit a body of work." - Stevie Coleman

"The ability to create unencumbered...and follow where your creative heart is taking you. It's elusive but the moments you experience it is also energizing and it's bliss." - Marc J. Franklin


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