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Whitney White—"Monstering the World" (Episode 65)

"Every play is like a score to me. It has a rhythm, it has beats, it has a vibe, it has tone. It has arias—or longer sections where people are doing monologues and singing. It has jazz sections that are going like fast dialogue. So I feel like I just try and talk to my writers like, 'Yo, this is how I'm hearing it and this is how I think we can breathe life into it.' Like everything has rhythm."

We talk with Susan Stroman Award-winning director and creator Whitney White about finding rhythms within scripts, code-switching within predominantly white spaces, and discovering the dynamics within for all the women who thought they were Mad, currently running at Soho Rep. You can get tickets here. Also check out the other show Whitney recently directed, Our Dear Dead Drug Lord, currently running at Second Stage. You can get tickets to the WP Theater and Second Stage co-production here.

Recommendation: Lee Scratch Perry, Frank Ocean, Frantz Fanon's "Wretched of the Earth"

Shout out: Keelay Gipson


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