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Ty Jones - "Connecting in Glorious, Humanistic Ways" (Episode 93)

"I think there are multiple ways to have conversations. Al Sharpton can say something of substance, but it ain’t gonna get heard the same way if Dave Chapelle does it as a comic. They could talk about the same stuff—police brutality—but people will hear Dave better than they hear Al. These are all legitimate ways of listening, and hearing, and sharing— whether it’s through comedy, music, theatre, or dance. I think that’s the beautiful thing about the arts, it's all these glorious, humanistic ways that we can connect with one another so we can find out that we are far more alike than we are different."

We chat with Ty Jones, the Producing Artistic Director of Classical Theatre of Harlem and an award-winning stage actor (NAACP, OBIE) about rebuilding the organization to make an uptown impact, finding inspiration for programming, and creating theatre that is all about the people.

Recommendation: Digging deep and resurrecting Black art beyond the mainstream

Shout out: Andre Braugher

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