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Tonya Pinkins - "Building My Own Castle" (Episode 98)

"I sometimes wonder with young people today that there's a fragility born of carrying around violence machines every day of your life that I think some artists are shying away from the kind of grist for the mill that sharpens you as an artist. People think someone should give it to them or it should be easy and it's like, 'No, no, no.' You get stronger in the struggle. You get stronger because someone comes in the room and sets the bar so high that you got to jump up there to the bar—they don't lower the bar to you. They put the bar up there and say, 'Now, go on, and step up there.' You need to be challenged. You need to be required to do more, to do better. I think a great director knows, 'How do I get out of that of each artist?' and it's different for each actor."

We talk with Tony winner Tonya Pinkins about what she learned from starring in Caroline, or Change, why she initially didn’t want to move to New York City, and how she grew from her experience as the writer-director-star of the award-winning socio-political horror film Red Pill.

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Shout out: Ray Fisher


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