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Tiffany Denise Hobbs—"Feeling Like Home" (Episode 55)

“There were comments from ballet mistresses that I’ll never forget, unfortunately those things stick with you, the feelings that come along with that, the way of thinking about yourself, a lot of self-deprecation. I even went through a period where I’d work out all the time and not eat enough, and I did all of these crazy things to be able to fit in, or at least get close to fitting in as I could.”

We talk with Tiffany Denise Hobbs about acting in Donald Glover’s Atlanta on FX and Sara Bareilles’ Waitress on Broadway, overcoming the feeling of being an outsider as the only black student in ballet class, and accessing your ancestral home through art.

Recommendation: “No Disrespect” by Sister Souljah

Shout out: Tiffany Mann

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