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Saheem Ali—"Collaborating For The Truth; or, We Go Together" (Episode 56)

“A lot of these theatres are having these conversations in ways they never have before, they’re opening their doors to these stories, and along with that is a learning curve...which is why I love Black Theatre Night being a real thing in the Off-Broadway community and I think it’s a stepping stone. I’m glad it’s there right now and I’m hoping that we’ll move to a point won’t need it anymore because almost every night will be Black Theatre Night, but it’s necessary right now because you have to do the work.”

This week, we chat our first director guest! Saheem Ali discusses what excites him when reading a script, why immigrating to America changed his perspective on theatre, and how a trip to London—and a production of Grease—changed his life.

Recommendation: A Strange Loop

Shout out: Phillip Howze

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