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Rick Younger—"Telling All With Mr. Duvall" (Episode 52)

“I have a fraternity brother named Peanut, and Peanut goes up on stage and dies the death of 1000 comedians. So I’m a couple comedians after Peanut, come up onstage and was like ‘Hey y’all, it’s my first time onstage doing comedy but after seeing what Peanut just did I figured anyone could be funny.’ And people started to laugh.”

We talk (and laugh…a lot) with Mean Girls’ Rick Younger about how he discovered comedy (shout-out to Peanut), the genius and work ethic of comedians, and the insider scoop on his audition experience for the Tina Fey Broadway musical.

Recommendation: Anything Sam Cooke

Shout-out: Denzel Washington and Rob Morgan

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