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Larry Owens—"Finding (Or Creating) The Space to Be" (Episode 18)

“Theatre, like Hollywood, are working so far behind trend. The movie that we’re watching this summer was filmed two years ago. The Broadway show that’s coming in next year has been in development for 5 years. The way that life works is that every day we’re changing rapidly, honey. We literally have new values every new day because of how hyper-socialized we are as an interconnected, technological world…so they’re just slow.”

In this episode, life is beautiful! We talk with AUDELCO nominee Larry Owens about the need for multi-dimensional characters, the freedom (and restrictions) that comes with creating work, and the new universality he created when he played Cabaret’s Emcee.

Recommendation: Kara Walker. Michael R. Jackson. Fela! original Broadway cast recording.

Shout out: Ines Nassara.

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