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Jordan Donica—"Discovering the Freedom to Be Me" (Episode 50)

“It was not lost on me that as a person of color that if I messed up, this door would never be open to another person of color for a long time. That’s the amount pressure that women and people of color face day-to-day. Every action you take in a patriarchal society is under a microscope. So if you’re going to do something, you don’t have the luxury to do it, you must do your best.”

We celebrate a big milestone (episode 50!) with a big talent: Jordan Donica! We breakdown his experience of being the first black Raoul in Phantom of the Opera, the lessons he learned from his Hamilton family, and the vulnerability that comes with making your own work.

Recommendation: "Huey: Spirit of the Panther" by David Hilliard

Shout out: Matheney and anyone who is out here doing what they love and spreading love


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