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Jim Joseph - "Inviting Folks to the Theatre Party" (Episode 71)

"Diversity isn’t about getting rid of all of the white people and just bringing in people of color. You need diverse ideas, diverse approaches, and that’s where great ideas come from. If you surround yourself with people who just think like you think, where you are gonna go from there? You need someone who is going to challenge you and give you a different perspective on how to do something. And that’s not happening in a lot of these rooms."

We chat with ART/NY’s Director of Operations and TedxBroadway alum Jim Joseph about his journey to theatre, the rewards and challenges of working in arts administration, and NFL’s Rooney Rule that inspired his TedxBroadway talk.

Recommendation: Jelly’s Last Jam

Shout out: Renée Elise Goldsberry

Watch Jim's TedxBroadway talk below.


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