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ChiChi Anyanwu - "Becoming (An Entrepreneur)" (Episode 87)

"I got a really great internship at McCarter Theatre...I was not only interning—I'm a bit of a hustler, so I was trying to figure out 'How else can I make extra money? Because this internship isn't really paying me a lot of money.' So I would work as an assistant house manager, I would bartend at the theatre, work at the company store...I felt like it was such a beautiful experience because it actually just makes you appreciate all of the inner workings of the theatre, it made me appreciate we all need each other in the industry... I just love that whole theatre experience, and how it's like one big happy family, and there's so many moving parts that help support the arts."

We talk with talent manager and entrepreneur ChiChi Anyanwu about her game-changing experience at the McCarter Theatre, the origin story of creating her own management company, and the important three C-words that inform her work with her clients.

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Shout out: Erin Cherry

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