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Jacie Scott - Owning Spaces Unapologetically (Episode 109)

“A lot of NFL cheerleading teams [have] moved away from being seen as sexy. I respect and understand the movement and the shift; I do believe evolving is a great thing, but I live in a world where I don't think women should feel like being sexy is a bad thing. It’s okay to be sexy, and it’s okay to be athletic, and it’s ok to be strong—be all of it! Women shouldn’t be punished because some men don’t know how to act and don’t know how to respect and respond to that.” 

Get stretching because this week we are going behind the scenes of America’s most famous kicklines! Formerly a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and a Radio City Rockette, dancer Jacie Scott knows a thing or two about high-kicks. We dive into the similarities and differences of the two groups—from auditions to misconceptions to her experience as a Black woman. We also talk about dance team camaraderie, her journey of becoming the coach of NFL’s Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, and the journal-to-personal-essay writer pipeline.

Recommendation: The Color Purple and Insecure

Shout out: Misty Copeland and Allie Love 

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