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"Igniting The Fire This Time Festival" (Episode 96)

"I think the way we measure our success is how successful we are at maintaining that sense of community. This industry is up and down—no one is going to have a career where you continually go up, and up, and up. You're going to have your highs and lows, and the community is what you have that keeps you grounded in some sense of normalcy and consistency. That’s who we are at our core." -Executive Director and Founder Kelley Girod

We talk with the leadership team of the Obie-winning The Fire This Time Festival—executive director and founder Kelley Girod, producer Julienne Hairston, associate producer and director of TFTT New Works Lab A.J. Muhammad, and artistic director Cezar Williams—about how the festival has cultivated the feeling of family, why freedom of voice is essential for Black playwrights, and what has changed for them as an organization and as individuals in 2020.

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