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Eric Lockley — "Enriching The Community With Joy" (Episode 75)

"I think it has become clearer and clearer that we must lean into our individuality and be purposeful about celebrating [the title black artist] as opposed to thinking that that’s diminishing it. To me, I hear 'black artist' and I hear so many excellent things that aren’t qualifiers — it doesn’t suggest 'You got ahead because you’re black,' it’s like, 'You have done incredible work.' It says 'excellence' to me."

We talk with award-winning actor-producer-writer-creative Eric Lockley about creating work that is meaningful, winning Apollo Theater Amateur Night (THRICE), and uplifting voices with The Movement Theatre Company and Harlem 9.

Recommendation: Arthur Jafa’s Love is the message, the message is Death

Shout out:

The Movement Theatre Company Artistic leaders: Taylor Reynolds, Deadria Harrington, David Mendiábal, Ryan Dobrin

Harlem 9: Spencer Scott Barros, Sandra A. Daley-Sharif, Bryan E. Glover, Garlia Cornelia Jones, Jonathan McCrory

Astronomy Club

Grab tickets to Eric's upcoming performance "The Sporting Life of Icarus Jones" here.


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