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Destinee Rea—"Leading With Wonder" (Episode 33)

“When Amélie closed, I thought, instead of being trapped in doubt and fear, why don’t I leave this contract with wonder and excitement, because they’re very close to each other—doubt and wonder—both are linked to not knowing, but one is such a more positive outlook that will affect you, so I try to lead with wonder not in doubt.”

We experience some serious #BlackGirlMagic as we chat with Amélie’s and BOLD’s Destinee Rea about her advice for someone’s first year in New York City, how to embrace they valleys and peaks of life, and what it’s like walking into an audition as the only black woman.

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Shout out: Anna Deavere Smith, Jocelyn Bioh, Amber Iman, Mirirai Sithole, Danielle Fulton, Tiffany Mann

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