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Brittney Johnson—"Celebrating Season 4 The Glinda Way" (Episode 63)

"I'm so honored to be the first but I'm also very uninterested in being the last. I certainly don't try to down play it and I want it to be celebrated, but I don't need #BlackGlinda because I want Glinda to be any shade or color she wants to be without qualification. She is a personality, an essence, she is a person."

Let us be glad and let us be grateful, because we are BACK for season four, y’all! For our premiere episode, we talk with Brittney Johnson about the nuances of making history as Wicked’s first black Glinda, the freedom in not limiting yourself, and the importance of finding a character's essence.

Recommendation: Research the origin of genres and Langston Hughes

Shout out: Viola Davis, Shonda Rhimes, Adrienne Warren, and Daniel J. Watts


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