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Amara Janae Brady—"Reclaiming the Title 'Black Artist'" (Episode 38)

“A homeless man walked in who got a ticket off of the standby line and I was reminded of Joe Papp and the Public’s mission and founding statement and I think that’s what a lot of theatre should work towards—accessibility and culture in the hands of all people...we are all welcome here, we are able to have this thing, this really magical wonderful thing.”

We talk with theatre-maker Amara Janae Brady about finding work that sustains you, validating everyone’s theatrical experiences, and creating art where black people exist as their own heroes.

Recommendation: Carmen Jones with Pearl Bailey, Dorothy Dandridge, and Harry Belafonte, The House That Will Not Stand, Ain’t No Mo’, Aleshea Harris, Pearl Bailey, Blindspotting, Daveed in Words Become Flesh

Shout out: Maya Carter, Ronald Peet, John Clarence Stewart, all PoC in arts administration, beautiful black playwrights, Donja R. Love, Whitney White and Aleshea Harris at the Movement with What to Send Up When it Goes Down

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