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Alton Fitzgerald White—"Following Your Internal Compass" (Episode 14)

“I remember a time there were no black shows…[you would see] one of us. A lot of times it was one female, sometimes it would be a couple and they wouldn’t dance together. There’s so much inside of us if we allow ourselves to stay in touch with who we are…and take the courage to share our experience. Somebody needs to hear what we’ve gone through and what our perception is.”

We have a majestic episode for the King of the Jungle himself! We sat down with Alton Fitzgerald White, the actor who played Mufasa in The Lion King for 4,308 performances, to talk about his time on Pride Rock, his offstage racial profiling experience that informed his onstage work as Ragtime’s Coalhouse, and his new book “My Pride: Mastering Life’s Daily Performance.”

Recommendation: Any black performer – utilize YouTube and the internet to research to see performers from any time period

Shout outs: Brian Stokes Mitchell, Norm Lewis, Adrian Bailey, Joshua Henry, Brandon Victor Dixon

Follow him on his website.


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