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Tali Allen - "Educating for the Win(s)" (Episode 91)

"I work with children who are of a different generation. They are so much more evolved than we are—than their parents are. They are so much more evolved, accepting, welcoming, and willing, and all of the things. They really, truly are. It makes it so much easier to drown out so much of the foolishness. They are way farther along than we as adults are. They don’t have tolerance for the BS. They will call it out. They will get you together. I love every bit of it. It gives me a lot of hope...because sometimes when you’re 'the only,' you can feel under attack sometimes, so in those moments, that [mindset] has helped a lot, too."

We talk with The Muny’s Director of Education Tali Allen about when she fell in love with music education, what her Gen Z students have taught her, and why being “the only” can feel both exhausting, yet rewarding.

Recommendation: MUSE (Musicians United for Social Equity)

Shout out: Black students, past and present!

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