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Lynn Nottage—"Claiming the Space" (Episode 62)

“Putting the language of ‘being a playwright’ into your mouth makes you a playwright. I discovered late in the game is that just saying ‘I’m a playwright’ meant that I was a playwright. I remember being at dinner parties and people say, ‘What do you do?’ I always circumvented that word because I thought, ‘Oh, am I a playwright? If i’m not being produced yet?’ And once I said ‘I am a playwright,’ ironically I think I started being produced.”

And like that, another call and response season is complete! For the season three finale, we talk with two-time Pulitzer Prize winner (and one of Felicia’s personal heroes) Lynn Nottage about approaching every play in a new way, ignoring the restrictions put on black women writers, and tapping into her musical roots for her current project, Secret Life of Bees, at Atlantic Theater.

Recommendation and shout out: Vanessa German and LaToya Ruby Frazier

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