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Jordan E. Cooper - "Providing the Medicinal Hope" (Episode 74)

“Whenever you walk into a space into a theatre, you can usually feel that it’s a white space. Usually from the way the audience members treat you, from the way the people in the box office treats you, from the way the ushers treat you—you can usually feel that this is not your space. So what I wanted to do was to make sure that the person that would not feel welcome in any other play to walk into a space and hear ‘Back That Ass Up’ and know that ‘Oh, THIS is what we’re doing tonight!’ And not everyone is going to get it. I’ve been reading a lot about Toni Morrison and the white gaze. When I sit down to write I’m not thinking about white people. I’m just not. If you want to come, you’re welcome! Let’s have a good time, make yourself a plate, sit down and eat, and have a good conversation, we might teach you to wobble, but that doesn’t always mean you get the invitation…but the door is open. Just like we might not always get the invitation, but we’re welcome.”

Kick off the new decade with a double-dose of Capricorn energy in this very special episode as Felicia lives out her fan-girl dreams with Ain’t No Mo’s Jordan E. Cooper! We chat with the award-winning playwright and actor about creating theatre as a kid in Texas, writing for television, and providing a hopeful space for black theatregoers. Plus, an exclusive performance of Ain’t No Mo’s powerful “Easy” monologue.

Recommendation: A Strange Loop and I Like it Like That

Shout out: Donja R. Love, Jeremy O. Harris, Erica Dickerson, Dominique Morisseau, Katori Hall, Jackie Sibblies Drury, Loy A. Webb, Larry Powell


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