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Dominique Morisseau—"Bringing You A Story That’s True" (Episode 53)

“People don’t like to be wrong. It’s uncomfortable. It’s very uncomfortable. In fact it’s so uncomfortable that if we’re gonna feel that way we wanna find it ourselves we don’t want someone else to show us. We don’t want someone else to find it for us we wanna find it for ourselves. That’s how we feel better about ourselves. It’s ego, we have to learn to slay that ego if we really want to be socially progressive. There’s not really room for ego in social progression.”

Get ready, 'cause here she comes! We sit down with Obie winner and MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant recipient Dominique Morisseau to discuss being a student of playwriting, proactively diversifying audiences, and making her Broadway debut with Ain't Too Proud - The Life and Times of the Temptations.

Recommendation: Pearl Cleage’s poem “Mad at Miles”

Shout out: Everyone—Tori Sampson, Jordan E. Cooper, Loy A. Webb, Erika Dickerson-Despenza, Marcus Gardley

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