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Cody Renard Richard - "Leading With Yourself" (Episode 81)

"Being a young gay Black man as a stage manager in New York City— there are very few of us…when I first moved here…I only knew of one [gay black male stage manager], and I knew three black woman stage managers. So anytime I was on a team as a stage manager I was the only person of color, up until Motown. It’s a lot…I always felt that I felt like I had to fit in with the team that was existing or I had to silence myself in a space because I didn’t think it was made for me."

Episode 81, go! In season four’s penultimate episode, we talk with Broadway production stage manager Cody Renard Richard all about stage management life—from his favorite part of putting up a show to what skills will help you succeed to what myth about the job he’d like to bust.

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Shout out: Camille Brown, Jhanaë Bonnick, Billy Porter


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