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Charly Evon Simpson—"Claiming Your Curiosity" (Episode 48)

“What I’ve discovered is the older I get, the less I actually truly open up and express myself and let myself feel these things. I can fake it a lot because words are my tools. I think there is something personal in wanting to explore the essence.”

Nobody puts Baby in the corner, nor Charly Evon Simpson! We sit down with the playwright to talk about declaring the identity of “playwright,” elevating important stories of black women, and expanding her artistry as a teacher.

Recommendation: “Sing, Unburied, Sing” by Jesmyn Ward, “Magical Negro” by Morgan Parker, Lizzo

Shout out: Collette Robert, Miranda Haymon, Taylor Reynolds, Candis C. Jones, Whitney White, Lydia Fort, Summer L. Williams

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