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Brian Moreland - "Crossing the Finish Line Together" (Episode 92)

"We have lost our North Star of producers creating people and shows, instead of the plug-and-play mentality. You know, it’s, 'The play has been finished, and so now I’m going to go find a couple celebrities, throw the celebrities into the play, and you’ll love that.' And I go, 'Well, what about creating someone new?' It’s not as plug-and-play, but it allows room for growth and room to explore."

We talk with Tony-nominated producer and recently named Global Producer of the Year Brian Moreland about the producer contributions to diversifying audiences, the need to break free of hamster-wheel conversations, and the necessity of rediscovering the North Star of Theatre.

Recommendation: Concrete Cowboy, The United States vs. Billie Holiday, Miss Juneteenth

Shout out: Keenan Scott II, Phylicia Rashad, Lee Daniels, Harrison David White

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