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Marchánt Davis —"Working From a Place of Abundance" (Episode 67)

"As a young actor what I'm finding is that when that happens, I clock it for myself and I go, 'Oh, I dont ever want to be in this position again.' Or like where I feel absolutely helpless. You don't want to be put in a position where you feel like your voice doesn't matter at all, ever. You don't want to feel like in the sunken place every time you go to work. You still want to feel like you're in your body and you have the ownership over the thing you're doing. You learn to say no to things. You learn to not work in the place of scarcity but from a place of abundance."

We chat with Marchánt Davis about the importance of finding abundance as an artist, the magic created in the Ain’t No Mo’ rehearsal room, and the dramaturgy for his role in The Great Society, currently running at Lincoln Center Theater.

Recommendation: Dolemite Is My Name

Shout out: Julian King and Lee Edward Colston


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